About Us

Boston AV Services is a full service audiovisual company founded by Fritz & Paul Bosch. We specialize in live streaming production, video production, and lighting production but have you covered in all areas including audio production, projections, staging, and more. We have have won numerous awards for our work including including  a Telly in 2010 and winning NPVA’s coveted Vista Platinum Award multiple times. Our work has been featured on NBC, ABC and CBS.

Fritz Bosch, Co-Owner

Fritz Bosch has tremendous depth as filmmaker, multimedia producer and lighting designer.

His background in video production and lighting started in the 1980s when he worked with numerous musicians, including Til Tuesday, The Fools, Otis Day and the Nights and Jimmy Buffett.

A 1990 graduate of Emerson College (Television Production), Fritz has provided video production for countless video projects for greater Boston and Massachusetts corporate and nonprofit markets.

His expertise in lighting design is nationally recognized and most recently he was the lighting director for a major HBO production at Boston’s Wilbur Theater. He has also overseen the AV and streaming on numerous conferences, events and services for houses of worship.

Paul Bosch, Co-Owner

An alumnus of Berklee College of Music and Boston College. Paul is an award-winning video producer, director, composer, sound designer, editor and videographer/filmmaker.

He has extensive experience working with the Boston area’s top companies, organizations, universities and SEOs.

Paul and Fritz’s donated time and resources have helped numerous charitable organizations (including the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation, the Dana-Faber Cancer Center and the Leukemia Society) to raise more than a million dollars.

Paul has also composed music for all types of projects from corporate clients and industrial projects to nationally televised sports shows such as the “Inside Edge” with Paul Hochman, Jumpstarts, the “Read for the Record” campaign, and the award winning music video “Sparkling Holiday” which Paul co-wrote with the World Premier Band.

Corporate Event lighting - Space 57, Boston
Corporate Event lighting - Space 57, Boston

Paul Bosch, Co-Owner

As a keyboard player Paul toured the world with his band in the 90’s and picked up a lot of audio knowledge along the way. He also has been shooting video for decades alongside his twin brother. Paul enjoys playing keyboard with his band and being a father to three.

Corporate Event lighting - Space 57, Boston

James Biller, Sales & Marketing Director

James took an interest in lighting when he joined the company in 2018, and now can program professional light shows with ChamSys. He’s also an expert at vMix live streaming software and is the one you’ll deal with as a client since he’s been doing sales since graduating high school in 2014. In his free time James enjoys reading and playing with/petting his Himilayan cat Charlie.