Corporate/Web Commercials

Whether you need a promotional video, infomercial, or a series of marketing videos to highlight your company’s products and services, our highly experienced, creative, award-winning producers, directors, videographers, editors, lighting specialists and graphic artists are here to consult on your corporate video project. We have extensive experience in producing videos for corporate and industrial productions. We provide exceptional creative concepts, scripts that follow basic story telling techniques, and cost-effective execution utilizing the latest digital production technologies.

Whether you have a concept and need to bring it to life, or you need us to plan the entire process, we can produce the entire project from casting to editing to digital animation effects. Boston Event Lighting and Films can provide an “affordable alternative” to the high cost of corporate video production companies with expensive older equipment to pay for.


Mount Auburn Hostpital The Party of the Year 2017

Kenneth F. Burns Memorial Bridge connecting Worcester and Shrewsbury officially reopens Highlight

Growth Direct Biotech 2011 Gold Vista Award Winner (NPVA)

St. John s Prep Gala 2011 Montage

Bryan Hamlin

Janabee edit

Dr. Lisa Lanzara Bazzani

Bazzani Chiropractic Web commercial

Tire commercial

Corporate CEO announcement Thermo Fisher Scientific

Expert Pest Control

Doug Bevins Licensed Health and Life Insurance Agent

Richard Ramos Jr. # 2

Dmitry and Tanzy s Wedding

HEI Music

Party projections demo

Pizzeria Uno Love story!

Beantown Live 2010 Telly and Platinum Vista Award Winner (NPVA)

Paradis beta

Video Podcast

Healthy eating

Freshmen 15

Balanced Way healthy eating podcast