No AV company was expecting a worldwide pandemic to hit in 2020, but here we are: live streaming events that are normally cherished by a live, in-person audience. We have decided to set a high standard: make live streams feel as close to real life as possible. We have done this for weddings, mitzvahs, holiday ceremonies, and more.

Whether you’re looking to Zoom or you need a live broadcast, Boston AV Services has you covered. We can even live stream and web-conference your event simultaneously. Using a combination of live streaming software, professional audio & lighting equipment, and strategic multi-camera set-ups enables us to create engaging virtual experiences for families, companies, and communities no matter the type of virtual event.

Behringer X32 Digital Audio Mixer

So what does a typical set-up for us look like? An audio mixer with microphones, a camera, and a computer with access to the internet are required at the bare minimum. We can upgrade each piece of hardware depending on your budget and needs.

Above is a Behringer X32 which enables digital audio mixing of 32 channels of audio which is enough to mic a group of several people and over a dozen musicians. This is a popular option for large virtual events with musicians, but isn’t required for smaller virtual events with only a handful of microphones. Our sales rep. will consult with you to pick out the needed equipment for your virtual event form the audio equipment, to the camera set-up, to the computer.

vMix User Interface

vMix is a great tool for integrating slideshows, videos, overlays, and countdowns into your livestream. This allows you to pre-record any content you want and play it back alongside live content. This a great option for when you have content that can’t captured live due to Covid restrictions, need graphics and text to appear alongside video, or you need to share edited videos in your live stream.

The software also enables us to use PTZ cameras with ease using remote control, cutting labor costs. At Temple Israel’s High Holidays live streams we had six cameras in the sanctuary with only one cameraman. This allows us to get high-end cinematic scene changes on a relatively low budget.

Multi-camera set-up with 4 remote cameras and 2 manual cameras (cameraman not pictured)

No matter the scope of your set-up, our team at Boston AV Services will work with you to make you virtual event happen.

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